Friday, March 12, 2010

Hybrid Timber Frame: Construction Photos

Our hybrid home in southern New Hampshire designed by Timber Frame Architect Jeremy Bonin is continuing construction, especially with our burst of spring weather. The timber frame was delivered and is already up! Here are some construction photos of the progress:

The main section of the timber frame houses a cathedral great room, kitchen and dining with loft offices above.

The garage is conventional 2x framing and batt insulation.

The Master Bedroom connector will be built using conventional 2x framing, SIP panel walls, and a conventional roof system. The Master Bedroom will have a cathedral ceiling with timber frame rafters, SIP panel walls, dormers and roof system.

The post and girder are joined by an exposed spline connection. Notice the floor joists have an attractive scalloped end detail. Check back for more pictures as they are available!

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