Friday, March 5, 2010

Cable Railing has Green Benefits

Cable railings with cable in-fill and metal railing frames are often made mostly of recycled materials if the frames are fabricated from aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. Wood-framed railings are also sustainable material.

The fittings used to mount and tension the cables in the railing frame are almost always made from stainless steel, which generally will have a recycled content of 65% or more. Once installed, the cable requires little maintenance and lasts for many years, often outlasting the railing frames to which they are attached.

They also have other advantages: cable railings offer a very modern, high-tech look that does not obstruct views, but rather provide an open feeling in confined spaces. Some products offer advanced mounting and tensioning hardware that can be concealed inside railing posts. Best of all, cable railings offer virtually unlimited design flexibility and can be used in any commercial or residential architecture.

One of our custom timber homes is designed with cable railing in the loft area.

Source: Environmental Design & Construction magazine (ED&C)

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