Monday, March 2, 2009

Hybrid home: Timber Frame and SIP Panels

Hybrid homes combining timber framing and other building materials are very popular. There are many ways to combine construction methods. For instance, this 2745 square foot home design is an excellent example of a hybrid home.

  • The center section is 1316 square feet of timber frame construction, 836 square feet for the first floor great room, kitchen and dining, and 480 square feet in the second floor loft;
  • The entry will utilize a timber frame roof system with insulated panel walls and roof system;
  • SIP panel walls and a conventional roof system will be used in the Master Bedroom connector;
  • Timber frame rafters, SIP panel walls, roof, and panel dormers will be used in the Master Bedroom; and
  • The 576 square foot garage consists of conventional 2x framing and batt insulation.

A hybrid home, combining timber framing, conventional framing, and SIP panels, might better fit your family’s needs – and budget.
If budget is a concern, consider combining building methods; i.e. use timber framing in public areas (great room, dining room, and kitchen) and use SIP panel construction or conventional material in other areas can reduce the overall square foot cost of the home.

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