Monday, September 22, 2008

Bretton Woods' Mount Washington Resort Development Selects Bonin Architects for Architectural Guild

Bonin Architects & Associates is proud to announce it has been chosen as one of the Architects of the elite Guild at the Mount Washington Resort Dartmouth Brook development in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. The opportunity to design homes at the Resort was offered to a select group of New England architects who have a keen understanding of the marketplace and a real sense of design in keeping with the Development's focus on energy efficient home plans.

Permits are already in place for the start of 199 custom homes to be built on 85 acres – but that is just the start of the $1+ billion development plans.

Dartmouth Brook is part of the huge development taking place at the Mount Washington Resort, calling for 900 homes and other attractions by the year 2019. Patrick Corso, President of the Resort, says the development’s first object “is to become a quintessential, definitive resort destination in New England.” Corso has the experience to deliver, having overseen the restoration of such legendary properties as Pinehurst in North Carolina and The Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia.

A co-developer of the project is Celebration Associates, which is head by two of the men who played crucial roles in the creation of a Walt Disney project, the picture-perfect town of Celebration, Florida. Together with their partner Crosland, Inc., they are planning to develop the area around the Bretton Woods ski lodge into a “Village Common”, which will have cobblestone sidewalks and include homes, shops, restaurants, and office space. Additional plans include a satellite college campus, an artist’s colony, and an outdoor adventure outfitter. The last planned phase will include additional homes northwest of US Route 302.

While the developers will not build all of the homes, they will have control of what they look like. Charles Adams, Celebration Associates’ managing partner, says owners will have a choice of New England architectural styles, explaining, “Our planning and design team for the last two and one-half years has been doing extensive photography, architecture found in and around the immediate area and the region, the region being New Hampshire, a little bit into Vermont, a little bit in Maine. That photograph research then finds its way into a design guidelines document we call ‘The Pattern Book.’”

Local businesses in Coos County are bound to benefit as well, bringing $71 million yearly revenue to the area, which quadruples the Resort’s current economic contribution. With the development come additional jobs, including over 300 jobs in resort operations and management. Construction work will create about 100 jobs and about $11 million a year.

The resort will be managed holistically balancing culture, people, geography, and spirit, incorporating green design and operational standards project-wide while balancing the development progress with natural resource preservation.

Jackie Lampiasi, Marketing Director

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