Thursday, July 3, 2008

FSC Certified Products

Bonin Architects & Associates is a proponent of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which encourages the proper management of the world’s forests and certifies products coming from businesses in compliance with its policies and regulations. The FSC (with US and International Chapters) is active in putting a stop to practices that have a negative impact on the environment and also educates, implements, and regulates forestry practices to help restore the earth’s soils, habitats, and cycles, addressing economic, social, and environmental concerns.

Because forest products account for $260 billion of the annual US economy, global forests are under pressure to meet the FSC’s guidelines. As demand for sustainable building products increases, more of these forests are evaluated and brought into compliance with the FSC’s guidelines.

The FSC has developed 10 principles and 57 criteria for the certification of forest management that are applicable around the globe. Here in the United States, the FSC has nine standards, or principles, that address environmental, social, and economic conditions in each region. Each FSC certified product has a “Chain of Custody” audit performed to ensure that certified and non-certified materials are kept separate and that FSC claims are kept legitimate. This Chain of Custody starts in the forest as each log is tracked all the way to its final destination.

FSC certification includes three types of labels for wood and wood fiber - Pure, Recycled, and Mixed - depending on the product content. FSC Pure products must come from an FSC certified forest and include no recycled or non-FSC fiber. To receive an FSC Recycled label, the product has minimum of 85% of the wood fiber content from post-consumer sources and a maximum 15% from post-industrial sources. FSC Mixed products include a combination of FSC pure, Recycled, and/or Controlled fiber (any wood fiber that is not from an FSC certified forest or is recycled). All Controlled fiber content is screened to ensure no destructive forestry practices have been used in their harvesting or milling process.

The FSC continues to expand its wood product certifications and has recently added bamboo flooring and plywood to its labels. For more information, read the entire Builder Magazine article.

Bonin Architects & Associates takes steps during the design and project management stages to ensure the highest quality products and can specify FSC certified materials for your new green home. See one of our timber frame homes using FSC timbers. Call or email us for more information on FSC and recycled material options!

Jackie Lampiasi, Marketing Director

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