Monday, June 30, 2008

The Lighthouse Lesson

The feedback we’ve received from the topics of our blogs (sustainable home design, green living, timber frame design, and renewable energy) has been very positive, and we know our clients appreciate substantive information provided weekly; solid and accurate information regarding options for sustainable home design and timber frame industry topics for the edification of our clients and guest readers.

I am, however, going to write a bit of a fluffy blog about a past trip Jeremy and I were able to take recently (thanks to Jackie for handling all of the day-to-day office tasks while we were away). Our trip was actually our honeymoon we had delayed a bit until we had enough staff to continue operating without interruption while we visited the Sebasco Harbor Resort in Phippsburg, Maine. We discovered the resort while visiting a client's site a month or so ago.

We stayed in the lighthouse overlooking the harbor and found the lighthouse to be a wonderful example of placing a building in exactly the right location (the perfect example of form following function) - something we stress the importance of to our clients. With a 360 degree view from the windows in the ‘beacon’ room, the sunsets were beyond description. We stayed at the resort for five days, relaxing and taking in the environment.

We’d definitely recommend the resort for not only the location, excellent food, on-site golf courses (two) where we played a few rounds, “Fred” the seagull (named by the wait-staff) who sits daily on the rock ledge and watches the outside diners and waits for his meal to be thrown his way, and the unique solar heated sea water pool we took advantage of every day-we even have the suntans to show for it!

Kimberly Bonin, Executive Project Manager

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