Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Can You Design Your Home Before You Find Property?

Once you decide to build a home, it’s hard not to think about it.  There are many design elements to consider.  Some of these you can decide on before you find the perfect piece of property; however, there are some decisions that will be influenced by the characteristics of your land.

Design elements to think about before you find property:
  • Specialty rooms for hobbies or activities;
  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms you will need;
  • Storage space requirements;
  • Design details such as a gas fireplace vs. wood;
  • The theme of your interior design (colors, light, textures)
These things should wait until you find your land:
  • The home’s size and number of stories:  site or local restrictions may limit the size, height, or even the placement of the home on your property. 
  • Type of foundation:  the type of foundation system you choose may be dependent upon local or state codes, the lot size, slope, and soil type.
  • Walkout basement:  a sloping lot can allow for a walk-out basement, providing more usable square footage for recreation areas or additional guest bedrooms.

If you’re excited to get started on planning your home design, we suggest you create a binder of clippings and samples you are collecting.  Include design elements and details you do not like: sometimes these are more valuable to your architect than features that you do like.

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