Friday, August 19, 2011

Timber Homes: More than a House

A timber home is much more than a house providing shelter; it is an expression of the owners’ way of life, a representation of their families and personalities.  

At first glance, a timber frame home may look like any other home in the neighborhood (especially if it does not feature a timber entry, a timber porch, or timber accents on the exterior).  Upon entering a timber home, though, most guests are rendered speechless.  Some do try to speak or manage to exclaim a whispered “wow!” under their breaths, but the emotion is always the same:  admiration. 

Timber homes are

  • Undeniably beautiful
  • Traditional, nostalgic
They offer
  • A sense of permanence
  • Versatile, open floor plan
They also
  • Describe interior space
  • Create ceiling planes

Timber homes appeal to our sense of tradition and desire to understand structure, but perhaps the more obvious features are their warmth and comfort. 

If you are planning to build a timber frame home, consider using an architect for the home design.  See some of our timber homes and architectural services on our website!

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