Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Homes: Size Matters

Building a new home, no matter what style or construction type, impacts the environment. Our goal as green architects is to limit that impact through the green home design process and construction of the home. Not surprisingly, the size of a new home can and does influence its environmental impact. With the green building movement taking shape over the past ten years, one would think the average home size has decreased. On the contrary: the average new home built in 2008 in the northeast was 274 square feet larger than one built in 2000 (source NAHB).

Small homes have benefits over larger homes:
Generally cost less, which means less money financed
Require less energy for heating and cooling, which means lower energy costs
Have smaller, more efficient systems (furnace, AC, plumbing, etc.)
Can earn points toward energy program certification for small size
Will require less maintenance
Less is definitely more in terms of size.

Small green homes are less in terms of:
Disturbance to the site, natural landscape, and habitat
Building materials and resources used
Toxic materials and harmful chemicals
Energy usage and water waste

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