Thursday, October 1, 2009

Building a New Home: Selecting the Right Location

If you are thinking of building a new home, choosing the right location is paramount. When considering a particular city or town as a potential area to build a home, establish a list of priorities for things such as:

  • The distance you would travel to work or school
  • The quality of the school system
  • The traffic flow and any hazards to driving
  • Proximity to recreation, shopping, places of worship, and medical facilities
  • Town property taxes and insurance rates
  • Land Use or development regulations such as the Shoreland Protection Act in NH
  • How well the town matches your lifestyle
Your new home will, of course, be the central part of your family’s lives; but also important to consider is its market value. Realtors and bankers in the area will be able to provide valuable information on the housing market in the area in which you are planning to build. They will also provide other important details about the area, including any ongoing or future development plans that might affect your lot, water quality, and possible noise and environmental pollution and other hazards.

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