Friday, August 28, 2009

Drafting Service for Custom Homes

While most of our clients utilize our full architectural design and construction document services, in some instances we provide a drafting service (only drawings and renderings) in order to aid the client in visualizing the floor plans and elevations of their new home.

Our newest client, building a custom home along the banks of the Mississippi River, contacted us for drafting services to provide drawings to allow him to conceptualize the home on the property based on his sketches. He did not request a full construction set of plans or specifications as he is acting as the general contractor for his home. We were happy to modify our fees based on our client’s specific design needs. With his input, we are helping him develop an exterior fa├žade and plans which addresses the lot and aesthetic character he desires.

The approximately 2300 square foot residence will face 90’ of river frontage directly on the Mississippi.

Are you looking for drafting services for your new home or addition? We’ll be happy to discuss your home plans and modify our fees to match your drawing requirements.

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