Thursday, July 30, 2009

Japanese Style Home

A couple who attended one of our free green home seminars in Sunapee this winter asked us to design their new Japanese style timber home in Bradford, New Hampshire.

This design for the 2100 square floor timber home, inspired by traditional Japanese homes, will incorporate large overhangs supported by timber exterior brackets which will help contain sun from overheating in the late summer months.

The timber home features an open floor plan containing the kitchen, living, dining areas as well as a first floor master bedroom suite. The second floor which will feature incredible distant mountain views will contain a second potential master bedroom suite with a balcony, a loft/office area.

An exterior bridge connecting to a screen porch will allow for quiet nights enjoying the views and serenity of the property. The entire area around the house will become a wonder ‘rock’ garden of sorts, utilizing many of the existing rocks abundant on the property, with the house rising from the highest point. It will be very dramatic and presents a varied amount of flexibility in the landscape design as well.

We had a chance to also review our project with our local solar expert for his input on incorporating solar domestic hot water, solar space heating and photo voltaic power generation. With the orientation of the timber home on the site, our clients have several options for solar energy.

House plans for this Japanese home will be posted soon!

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