Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Timber Frame Design

The timber home utilizing sacred geometry frame drawings for the timber frame design are under way. Site work has started, and construction on the Insulated Concrete Form foundation (ICF) is ready to begin.

The home design was drawn using Sacred Geometry. The Golden Section was used to define the building proportions - scale of massing elements, room layout, height and width, even door layout and size, as well as to create tangential arcs within adjacent squares of the golden rectangle. The Fibonacci Series determined proportions of the building elements. The intersecting mirrored Fibonacci spiral design became the anchor element seen throughout the home, as in the stair balusters, trim details, and floor patterns.

SIP panels (structural insulated panels) will enclose the timber frame walls and roof, creating a high performance insulation system for the home. Evacuated tubes will be installed on the south facing portions of the home for domestic hot water and heating.

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