Friday, May 15, 2009

Tulikivi Wood Stoves

Tulikivi masonry heaters are extremely popular in timber frame homes. Translated from Finnish, “Tulikivi” literally means "fire stone". Every Tulikivi fireplace is manufactured with high quality soapstone quarried in Finland. Soapstone is unique in the world of masonry due to its natural refractory, heat storage, and heat transfer aspects. It is naturally able to withstand the high combustion temperatures inside a masonry heater.

If you are thinking of burning wood in your new timber house, you’ll obtain the best result using a solid, heat-retaining fireplace. A Tulikivi masonry heater has high performance and heating efficiency and its stored heat is radiated into the room evenly and over a long period of time.

Tulikivi has a wide variety of standard units available, but if you don’t see a model that fits your timber frame home, you can ask them to design a custom heater based on a sketch, photograph, or photo from a magazine. Visit their website at

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