Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ICF Benefits – Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated Concrete contribute greatly to an energy efficient, airtight building envelope. Typical insulation values for the ICF forms range from R-17 to R-26, compared to the R-10 (average) required by building codes.

There are numerous benefits of ICF construction:

  • Insulated concrete forms maintain a constant temperature, reduce temperature fluctuations, and eliminate drafts

  • ICF homes use less energy for heating and cooling (30-50% cost savings when combined with other energy efficient materials)

  • ICF forms are stronger than conventional foundation system, with less maintenance and repairs, can withstand high winds

  • Insulated concrete walls remain straight, does not warp or creak

  • An ICF wall creates a sound barrier, reducing 66% of noise

  • No chemicals used in the manufacturing process of ICFs, with no off-gassing

  • ICFs use recycled materials in webs and blocks, which saves trees

  • EPS and concrete are mold resistant, and prevent dust, pollen, and pollutants

  • Insects cannot penetrate an ICF wall and is not a food source for pests

  • ICF foundations carry a three-hour fire rating

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