Friday, February 6, 2009

Advantages of Timber Framing

Let’s face it: timber frame homes are gorgeous. In addition to their inherent beauty, timber frames have several advantages over homes built with conventional materials. Here’s our list of the top five advantages:

1. Timber frame homes never go out of style. While other building fads phase in and out, timber frames have lasting beauty and can be easily adapted for new uses over time. Timber frames allow you to create every type of space in a home you could want – from grand and expansive to small and cozy, public or private, recreational or functional.

2. Timber frames with SIPs (structural insulated panels) are energy efficient in all climates. A structural insulated panel enclosure system creates a thermal envelope around the timber frame, keeping your home warm in the dead of winter and cool in the hot summer months. Bad weather? Bring it on!

3. Posts and beams can be recycled from old factories, barns, and historical buildings, adding character and a unique history to the home and showing respect for our limited resources.

4. Timber frames stand the test of time and have endured centuries of humankind, with 13th century timber frames still standing today. That’s over 800 years – which proves true the industry’s claim that timber frame homes will be enjoyed for generations to come.

5. Because of the strength and integrity of the structure and with modern engineering, timber frames can stand against hurricanes and hurricane force winds, heavy snow accumulations, and even earthquakes, making them one of the most durable building types available. They also offer greater flexibility in the design of the floor plan, allowing for open floor plans and wide open spaces.

Ready to start your timber frame home design? See our Architectural Services & Fees for information on how Bonin Architects & Associates can design and build a healthy, energy efficient home that gives you a great return on your investment!

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