Friday, October 17, 2008

Why Choose a Timber Frame Home?

Would you like to build a home that addresses much more than the basic requirement of shelter? Consider a timber frame home.

No matter the size, a timber frame home leaves guests sighing with open jaws as they enter. A timber frame represents hospitality and functionality while doing much more.

The timber structure can define the spaces within the home. A common timber frame design requirement for most people is an open floor plan to encourage family interaction. The timber frame floor plan is versatile and designed with necessary timber supports located at strategic places – adjacent to interior walls, at the corner of the staircase, or to create a visual division between two rooms. Cathedral ceilings are common in timber frame homes, offering guests the opportunity to experience the depth and complexity of the timber system. The framing system creates ceiling planes which aide in delineating room layouts and add dimension and form to the space which conventional framing typically does not achieve.

The beauty of the timbers is undeniable and appeals to our sense of tradition and desire to understand structure. Options such as reclaimed timbers, choices in finishes such as hand hewing, and a variety of stain colors help you express your unique personal values and desires. If you love antiques and nostalgia, reclaimed timbers often carry a rich history and unique story. Their background, together with the imperfections they bear, offer an opportunity to showcase their longevity in your home’s structure.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of a timber frame home is that it will provide your family with warmth and comfort for generations!

Kimberly Bonin, Executive Project Manager

Photos by Riverbend Timber Framing.

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