Friday, October 10, 2008

Lincoln, NH Timber Frame Home Under Construction

Within a short nine days, our Lincoln, New Hampshire timber frame is up and the T&G decking is on the roof! The 3500 square foot timber frame home features a Queen Post bent main frame with two Principal Purlin Common Rafter wings. The south elevation exterior features a handsome King Post truss, which is the focal point of the facade.

Timberpeg provided the timber frame, which consists of over 350 pieces of Dense Select Structural FSC Certified Douglas fir. Each timber has a factory-applied tung oil as a seal to protect this beautiful frame.

Our clients, Bob and Kelly, visited the site last weekend and love the finished timber frame. The joinery, size of the timbers, and design of the timber frame are exactly what they wanted!

Monday Foard Panel is delivering the XPS structural insulated panels which will wrap the timber frame and create a high performance, energy efficient home.

See the history of this timber frame home to date on our website. Also look for more blogs on the installation of the structural insulated panels and ongoing construction on this energy efficient home!

Kimberly Bonin, Executive Project Manager,

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