Friday, August 1, 2008

Timber Frame Architect Jeremy Bonin Discusses Long-Term Benefits to Building a Green Home

The September 2008 Special Green Issue of Timber Homes Illustrated features an interview with Green Architect Jeremy Bonin on energy efficient home design, sustainability, and his specialty in timber frame design.

Writer Peter Lobred asks Jeremy, a LEED accredited architect and the author of the timber frame book, “TIMBER FRAMES: Designing Your Custom Home” pointed questions about building a timber frame home and incorporating sustainable design. After explaining some of the catch phrases in the green building industry, Jeremy answers questions such as “What are some basic considerations – or the most crucial elements – that consumers / architects can incorporate into their plans for sustainable design?” and “Does there seem to be a natural fit between timber frame homes and green considerations?”

Asked about the cost versus benefits of energy efficient home design and sustainable options, Jeremy reminds homeowners that the simplest solutions are not only the most cost effective they usually provide the largest return on investment. For example, designing the home for passive solar heating and daylighting adds no cost to the home and offers huge savings; using an energy-efficient insulation system such as Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and only designing as much house as you need means lower energy bills for years to come.

If you’re building a green home with timber frame, post and beam, structural insulated panels, or any other energy efficient building system, energy efficient home design starts with site selection and site design. Jeremy suggests consulting with an architect in the earliest possible stage, even prior to purchasing your land, to discuss your ideas and green strategies you want to incorporate.

Read the entire article, Simply Green.

Jackie Lampiasi, Marketing Director
Bonin Architects & Associates, PLLC

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