Monday, June 23, 2008

Structural Insulated Panels - R-Values

If you are planning to build an energy efficient home, SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels or stress skin panels) will help you achieve the energy savings you’re looking for. In fact, building a green home with SIPs could save you approximately 50% - 60% in heating and cooling costs compared to a home built with 2x material and fiberglass or cellulose insulation. (Visit the Structural Insulated Panel Association's website)

Structural Insulated Panels create a continuous thermally insulated wall with R-Values superior to that of fiberglass or cellulose insulation. Below is an R-Value analysis chart (thanks to Foard Panel).

Delivering substantial energy savings, providing a less drafty building envelope, better noise insulation and providing a comfortable living environment, “SIPs” is one of the biggest buzz words in the green building industry. Visit our website for more information on how you can build a green home with SIPs!

Jackie Lampiasi, Marketing Director
Bonin Architects & Associates, PLLC

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