Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Earth Day in New Hampshire

Jeremy and I wanted to involve our children in a family project for Earth Day this year. Going over a list of things we could do (see our previous blog on Earth Day), we decided to plant some fruit trees.

We planted two semi-dwarf Fuji apple trees and selected a place on our property where the trees would have full southern exposure alongside the driveway. They are about 7-8’ high already and have started to blossom.
Our children, ages four, nine, thirteen, and fifteen helped by digging two holes three times the size of the root ball, mixed organic garden soil with the native soil, and planted the trees. They helped build the rock retaining walls and finished by watering the newly planted trees. Local organic fertilizer and mulch will wrap up the project. We expect the fruit trees to provide apples within three to five years, and they should grow to a height of twelve to fifteen feet.

It was a great way to spend a warm, sunny, April afternoon with our family while teaching them about Earth Day and nature in general.

Kimberly Bonin, Executive Project Manager

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