Thursday, March 27, 2008

After Attending a Timber Frame Home Show

How to assimilate all of the information received from the various exhibitors:

1) Review your list, notes, and chart again while it’s fresh in your mind. Highlight the top three timber frame companies you think will work well with you on your project. [Remember, Bonin Architects & Associates can help you through the difficult process of choosing the right timber frame company for your project.]
2) Make files for your top three choices and put a 1, 2, 3 (in pencil in case the top choices change) on the tab by each timber frame company.
3) Sort through the literature and business cards you’ve collected, as well as the other literature received in the past, and put them in the file.
4) When you have time, visit each of your top choice timber frame companies’ websites again. Look for answers to any questions you didn’t get answered. Mark them on your chart.
5) If you gave your contact card to the timber frame companies, they should be contacting you soon - either immediately or within a week after the timber frame show. This person may not be the person who attended the timber frame show. If not, and the company is on your top three list, ask if they can visit your site or see a timber frame home in your area. Try to visit both finished timber frame homes and timber frame homes under construction so you can see how the timber construction looks newly completed and after a few years. Talk to the owners if possible.
6) Continue interviewing the timber frame company, their representatives, and past clients to learn the most you can about their product and services.

Kimberly Bonin, Executive Project Manager
Bonin Architects & Associates

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