Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sustainable Living, Sustainability, "Green", Environmentally Conscious - What Do They Mean?

Sustainable architecture or building is only a small part of a greater whole. It has been said many times that “sustainability” is a good short term goal. Sustainability is only equilibrium, a tipping point where we no longer are damaging the planet that we inhabit with the effects of our daily lives - manufacturing, power production, construction, transportation, agriculture and every aspect of our lives that affects our global ecosystem. Author Paul Hawken states, “Today, our continuing progress is restricted not by the number of fishing boats but by the decreasing numbers of fish; not by the power of pumps but by the depletion of aquifers; not by the number of chainsaws but by the disappearance of primary forests.” Sustainability by definition is actually the point where we cease to harm. Beyond sustainability is where we begin to repair the damage done, which is the ultimate goal.

So where does this leave you and me? There are many great minds working toward both of these goals; with ideas and solutions far greater than most people’s typical reach; however, anything that can be done better and is financial feasible, should be done. In the architectural practice I endeavor to share my knowledge with clients interested in these goals, as well as learn from them and their ideas. Within this blog I hope to share and learn as well by posting interesting topics, particularly profound quotes, reviews of books and information specific to the construction industry. Please feel free to participate - knowledge is best shared and I look forward to the future.


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“…all that human beings are, all that they can ever accomplish, is embedded within the workings of a particular planet. That planet is not growing…”- Paul Hawken

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